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Inspired by the rescue of two starved horses abandoned in November 2004, a group of Eagle Valley horse enthusiasts recognized the need for a regional rescue organization.  To fulfill that need Mountain Valley horse Rescue (MVHR) was formed in April 2005.  MVHR is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses. We are committed to reducing the number of cases involving horse abuse through community outreach and educational programs.

MVHR provides food, shelter, care, medical treatment, and when necessary, training to ensure adoption into suitable homes. We also work closely with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and law enforcement agencies. 

MVHR relies on volunteers, foster homes, and donations to provide for the needs of these horses. We welcome the addition of your talents to our organization, regardless of your equine experience.  MVHR will also work with private horse owners to help place animals they can no longer care for.

It is our hope to one day have our own facility designed for the special needs of these magnificent creatures. The Forty Acre Fund was established to help us achieve this goal.

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